A Cat, Turkey, and the Moon

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

It's been busy here. Thanksgiving, family, a new job, a new pet, and so much stuff; I haven't really been blogging much. I have been working on this Self Authoring program by Jordan Peterson, and reading a lot too. I made a tab at the top for my Self Authoring journal musings stuff, so if you wanna go over there and be inspired....or depressed, it's whatever you choose. It is just a place for me to put things..

Anyhow, I started this book, Year One, by Nora Roberts. Now, don't get all "eeeewww Nora Roberts" on me. She does write some good stuff, especially her Celtic/magical stuff. I really like this book. It is a mix of dystonia and mythical stuff. So far, an epidemic is wiping out the entire population, except for a certain breed of magical folks, and most of them don't know they are magical. I am in the place in the book right now that is similar to The Walking Dead, and all the survivors are trying to flee cities and make their way to remote locations in order to survive and not get killed by all the sicklings. It seems to be pretty good, but I'll blog more about it when I finish.

The new stuff is that I accepted a new position at work, and I am so happy about it. I think I will love it, not just because it is something different, but because it seems like a challenge, and something to keep me busy. I will get to work away from the office more, which makes me very happy too. I get very restless after a couple of years anywhere I go, so this will make for a nice change in atmosphere. There is the upside, free hotel rooms and nobody yelling "MOM" every ten minutes as well. I am happy about it, so that is all that matters.

Something else new, I had this kitten show up on our back porch. She is like a mix between cat and rabbit. She is crazy and I love her. Here she is, isn’t she wonderful. She is a good friend, unless she is biting my feet at 3am, in which case I will to lock her in a closet.

Also, I went Black Friday shopping with Lindsay and her Mom. It was a lot of fun. I am mainly an introvert, but sometimes I like to get out and have some fun. Black Friday shopping seemed like a fun time to exercise my extrovert-ness. We had panic attacks in Walmart, and dressed up like elves in Big Lots. I am happy to have a friend that is just as weird as I am.

I took this picture while I was waiting to go shopping Tonight. They light this star up in my town at Christmas time. People actually go up there to the top of the mountain and change the bulbs. The moon was 99% full here, and it was so beautiful.

I guess I will go for now, so you can get back to your life. I am going to paint a picture today and watch The Office and Seinfeld. Nothing real exciting.