I am on the third day of this self Quarantine, government mandated quarantine, government suggested Quarantine, whatever this is. I have watched 12 episodes of Seinfeld, worked 13 hours a day basically, eaten tremendous amount of food that I would have otherwise not eaten if I had not been home, and have managed to look like a homeless person since this past Saturday.

All this extra time I have now definitely give me time to think. My friend Kyle now we’re having a discussion on Facebook messenger about God. (Funny how when you use dictation on an iPhone, it capitalizes God. I used to capitalize God when I wrote it down, I don’t do it anymore. I wonder if I don’t capitalize because I question the existence of a god, or if I’m so unsure of anything that I don’t want to give anything that type of power, as to capitalize its name?) Anyhow Kyle and I were talking about our Trump is giving everyone some bullshit stimulus, to help boost the economy. As I type this I realize how heartless it sounds, but I still don’t understand what will $1000 do other than buy some more food so that we have to stay in our house is a little bit longer? I guess I just really understand what’s going on. How has a flu/virus put this entire world into a tailspin? So much that we are willing to allow a GOVERNMENT tell us what to do, how to live, when to come and go? I feel like we are heading into a real future of communism/Marxism/dictatorship. I’m really just scared for my kids, not for me. I quit being scared of dying a couple years ago. Not because I know I have “a place in heaven“, but because I don’t think my purpose here has ever been clear to me. And I have never felt like I belong here. It’s so weird. Times are so weird.

I’m gonna start blogging again. I don’t know why, or why it even matters.