It's Been A While

Well, here I am, back again. Thank you to all of you that emailed and checked in while I have been away from here. I unpublished for a little bit, to spend some time with myself and not offer everything to the inter webs. It is very easy to come here, or any place on the internet, and overshare. I am guilty of doing this sometimes, and I always feel bad about it later. Do you ever feel like your problems are so redundant, irrelevant, and small, that you just don't share them with anyone, for fear or bothering them? But maybe, they are huge to you, and nobody would understand, so they just fester. I don't know really. I do all these things, read all these books, talk to people, try to help people in hopes that I will somehow help me too; with no means to the end. I am still not sure what I am here for, or what makes me truly happy, or who I want to be. I hope I figure it out.

So I guess I will come back to weekly blog entries.

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