7/30/2018 Meaning in the Chaos

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

So, I am reading Jordan Peterson's Maps Of Meaning; reading and listening at the same time. I feel like maybe I soak it up more when I do both. I enjoy JBP, but this book is over the top complicated. I still love it though, because it is making me think. You have to really apply yourself here, word for word and sentence, to comprehend what his meaning is. I am on chapter 3 right now, and I will say that I have already had so many relevant moments. I know so many people that could benefit from reading this book, but I am sure that it would be just like the other JBP book, and they would act interested and give me the book back in a few days, admitting defeat by confusion. 

I think of everything I have read so far, the section of the book below really fits what I am going through right now. Maybe it isn't work related, as far as a need to change jobs because I do love my job, but life in general, and maybe in the end that is a different job. I read it as needing a change, a real change, a life altering, shake you to the core, leave you crying in the corner change, but also leaves you in a better state all around, in the end. The problem is not being able to foresee how the change will work out. I am still reading, still working, still trying. 

P.S. I know it says "a man reborn" below, but I don't judge JBP for referring to men mainly. It's ok by me because I get it.

"Let yourself admit it, you really didn't like your job. You only took it because you felt that it was expected of you. You never put your full effort into it, because you really wanted to do something else, something other people thought was risky or foolish. You made a bad decision, a long time ago. Maybe you needed this blow, to put you back on the path. You start imagining a new future, one where you are not so "secure" maybe, but where you are doing what you actually want to do. The possibility of undisturbed sleep returns, and you start eating properly again. You are quieter, less arrogant, more accepting, except in your weaker moments. Others make remarks, some admiring, some envious, about the change they perceive in you. You are recovering from a long illness, a man reborn."

I read something wonderful during the Full Moon, by Warsan Shire, and I kind of fell in love with it because it feels like who I am becoming, or who I am aiming for.  GN