7/20/2018 TGIF

​I have been arguing with people in this redneck town where I live again, over welfare reform. I should really stop it…as they have no sense of responsibility to contribute to society, obviously. Just another great reason why I got off Facebook months ago. I am so damn sick of seeing people crying about not being able to find work, when there are plenty of damn jobs to be had here. They may not be a job in a comfy office 9-5, but it’s a damn job man. If you are hungry enough, you can do anything.

I was at the grocery store, where I like to do my Friday afternoon socializing, and I came across a cousin that is in her 30’s and doesn’t work, with two kids that are teenagers, and is married to a man that doesn’t have a job either. I had a cart full of food, which was probably going to cost me around 150 bucks (out of my paycheck), and I noticed that she had a lot more food in her cart than I did. I asked her how the job hunt was going for her and her hubby, and she replied that, “This town is dry, there is no work.” I was taken aback for a moment, as about a month ago I had told her about the local sewing plant, which pays around 350 dollars a week (pretty good money for the cost of living where I live), having a job fair because they need workers. Now, I knew she needed money to buy that food in her grocery cart, and I wanted to ask her how she intended to pay for it, but I didn’t want to sound like a total bitch, so I said “Did you go to the sewing plant job fair?” I got a sold no from her. I was blown away. I spent the next ten minutes arguing with her about how if she really needed money to buy that food she had in her cart, that she could get a job sewing. It would be a decent job, a dying trade actually, and she could do it as well as her husband. She continued to let me know that neither one of them were interested in sewing anything, and that until they found a job that they “liked”, they would continue doing what they are doing. Then she told me to mind my own business. Well, that didn’t go well, because I pay these DAMN TAXES (TAXATION IS THEFT), and that’s how she did what was going to happen next. She proceeded to pay for all that food in her cart with her food stamp card. She rolled her eyes and said “whatever”, which was my understanding that she was admitting defeat, without admitting it. She threw in around 14 candy bars in her buggy for good measure, along with a carton of cigarettes, which she paid for with that card as well. Apparently you get real money on the card as well as food stamp money. She smiled through the entire process.

I had to pick up my jaw as I stared at this sight before me. I didn’t comment anymore. She left and loaded her car up with all that (basically free) food, and I paid for my food with my money (bankcard with real money on it that I earned). I am so beyond pissed with the system. What the hell has happened to people? Where is the work ethic? She is my age. This has nothing to do with generation, and everything to do with values. The thing is, both her parents were very hard working people, and made a good living, but she never had to work in high school, as her parents said her education was more important that work, and that she would have to work her whole life, and they wanted her to have fun while she could. Well hell, I am 34, I work, and I still have fun. I don’t get it.

Maybe that is the issue? Parents don’t have to work because of welfare, kids see this, kids don’t have to work, parents don’t make them, kids think this is life, and poof…..we just conditioned young minds to believe that they can depend on others to take care of them and have to contribute zero effort to maintain life on earth. Are slowing turning into the Wall-E society (see pics below)?

I know this is a huge rant, but I don’t give a shit. It has been a long as week, and a super shitty day, and I am so sick of people taking advantage of me. I think the welfare system is necessary to an extent, but not as it is. As it is, it is a system of enablement and a crutch for some (I said for some, not all). There are real people that need welfare, people that work and maybe their income is really low, and they need extra help, or are sick and not able to work, are pregnant and need assistance, or maybe someone has some real circumstances like cancer, that bogs their finances down. This is when welfare is needed; to help those that want to help themselves, but are not able to right at this moment. It is NOT a permanent paycheck man, this is not a lifetime goal, to get food stamps and play Xbox till you die. There are companies in the US right now, that are begging people to work, begging them. I personally know this; I have seen it with my own eyes. Message me, I will send you some applications if you think I am out of my mind.

These humans, that are using the system as crutch, think that they are too good to go to work for these companies that are begging them to come to work. These same people are the people that bitch about how all the “good jobs” are going to other countries, and how we need more made in America everything. You can’t make shit in America, if America doesn’t want to work! THEY ARE NOT HUNGRY ENOUGH. These people have never really been hungry. If you are hungry, you will do what you have to do to get food. I have been working since I was 14. I have washed dishes, delivered food to people that treated me like trash because I was bringing them their food, I was a nursing assistant and wiped asses for years, cleaned up puke and snot and blood, held people in my arms while they died for 12 dollars and hour (that fucked me up permanently), drove 3 hours a day for a job that paid me decent money, and I am finally actually at a point in my life that I have a good job. I had to work very hard to get here, for a very long time and I am just 34. I am still dreaming of doing things that I “like to do”, but I do that stuff in the evenings and on the weekends.

I blog, I read, I engage in things that I find enjoyable when I can, I spend time with my children, I go to music shows, I spend time with my friends. You have to find the balance. I have to work, I want to work, I enjoy working. I get that this is a dying thing though. I am just concerned for the world that my children are growing up in. I hope that things will change, but with each day that passes, and with each new stupid tweet and headline I read, I grow more and more discouraged with the world around me. It is no longer okay to have an original thought, or an opinion, or a personal truth; everything is about being politically correct and what shit the media is feeding us today.

Rant over. Thank god it’s Friday. I am going to calm down now. I was kind of a bitch today, maybe I am sorry for that, a little bit. It is going to be a rainy weekend at home. I am going to finish this book, work on this online class some more, start another book, and eat some Queso.

Have a good weekend guys. GN Honey.