6/30/2018 Tyler Childers R-Us

Guys, last night was great. It was more than great, it was just everything. I love good songwriting, I love good music, and I love my friends. Last night was a triple threat for sure.

My friend Melissa, whom I guard like a wild mother bear watching her cub, owed me BIG from our last outing, and was the DD for the Tyler Childers show at Manchester Music Hall, in Lexington KY. It was a sold out show, as all Reds shows are sold out, cause he’s pretty big now. This makes me happy, for my own reasons, but regardless, just so happy. This place was shoulder to shoulder packed, and about 97 degrees, and I’m not even joking man. EVERY INCH of my body was drenched in sweat within and hour of being in that place. I even sacrifuced my favorite shirt last night. I had to cut it; the more air that could get to this body, the better off everyone was. I am not a nice person when I’m hot......and I had to keep an eye on Melissa, as she is only about 4’5’’ and someone could have easily carried her away.

Anyhow, a few drinks later, and Of The Dell opens for Tyler, and I’m not crazy about them. Some people dig that kid of music, but I cannot get into it. I just drank my way through that too. Kid rock shows I’m not lying, Kid Rock....KID ROCK KID ROCK KID ROCK!!!!

Okay, I got that out of my system. AFTER KID ROCK showed up, Tyler came on, and damn he kills it at every show. He sings like he could be playing for 10 people, or 10,000. I rave about his music all the time, and not to be a fan girl at all, but because he writes good music. When I listen to a song, I read the lyrics while I’m listening. I know.....another weird thing.

​Anyhow, If the lyrics are shit, then I can’t get through the song at all. Every song I’ve ever read of Tyler’s, is just plain good, soulful, fantastic, song writing. Throw in a raspy Appalachian voice, blazing red, messy hair, some Carhartt clothes, and you are in for a hell of a time. I’m not going to be gushy and shit, I’m just going to say, that if you can go to one of his shows, you should go. DO NOT GO TO GET WASTED either, go and listen to his music, then you will go back, again and again and again. GO TO HIS SHOWS! I’m putting a link to his tour site on here too. Keep reading man.

I have plenty of him on my YouTube playlist(second tab at the top of this page). Go listen. Listen to Shake That Frost and Feathered Indians first. I could melt into nothing every time I hear Shake That Frost, and I get tore down over Feathered Indians every.single.time.

Of course there was a stupid fight because some idiot thought punching a girl in the mouth was a good idea, what a piece of shit. But besides that, I was pretty content. I did a lot of dancing and swaying, and I get all lovie and handsie when I’m drinking, so there’s that. I may need to apologize to some people, but I’ll let that go too. I got some pictures of my friends and I, but I won’t do that to them here. Just know it was a wonderful night, so so wonderful. I am glad to be able to spend time with these people. I am always very guarded with my heart, but I was so happy last night. I am still smiling.

Old Red himself, Tyler Childers

The great Jessie Wells, playing every instrument known to man!

We piled into the car, stopped to pee 16 times, then I made my DD stop and let me snap this picture. They called me weird for it, and I concur, honey. I am weird, but I’m worth it.

​I almost laid down in the grass and let them leave me right there. If I would have had someone to share it with, I probably would have done just that.

​Happy Saturday to you all, I’m off here to spend the rest of this night doing that very thing which I am weird for.