6/27/2018 Small Talk, Honey

First things first, the book I am reading. Well, I am reading two books actually. I am listening to The Moral Animal while I am working, and I am physically reading The Beginning of Everything. One is about evolutionary psychology and the other is fictional.

The Moral Animal is really just rounding out to be a book of great thinking and ideas. There is a lot of Darwinism in there, but mainly Robert Wright is sharing his points of view around Evolutionary Psychology. Evolution is really based on fact, or what is thought to be recognized fact. I have always been intrigued by Darwinism myself, but the field of Evolutionary Psychology is still so green, that a lot of Robert Wrights ideas are very thought provoking, but leave you questioning them as well. He talks in extent about monogamy and genetics, which I am confused about. He also seems to support Robert Travers 1972 theory that males and females could actually be two different species. Travers believed that we have a basic underlying dynamic for mutual exploitation, or that we are designed to make each other miserable. I may agree with the miserable part, but the rest seems so far-fetched. Most of the book seems that way, but it is wonderful working through Wrights thinking, he is a great thinker. Love that.

The other book I am reading, The Beginning of Everything, is another YA book. I know I swore them off after the last one, but they are like a sick addiction. This one starts off telling you about a tragic accident at a theme park where a kid got decapitated, then the author quickly begins her story about a high-schooler that is a used to be jock, but by way of a car accident, he lost his jock status and was forced to join the Debate team as an alternative sport. He makes friends with less “cool” people, who he used to actually be friends with before he became too cool for them, before the decapitation thing at the beginning. You can kind of see where this is going. This seems the general theme around a lot of these books. Anyhow, he meets a weird girl, Cassidy (very relatable), who is mysterious, kind of awkward, really smart, and dark. I like her character, she is very different. She has some sort of dark secret she is keeping, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

*two parts that I kind of love* I love this word sillage, and things that linger; like the smell of freshly mown grass, or coffee creamer after you pour it, and other things. I love learning new things. How delusional this book is, but how lovely too. “She tasted like buried treasure”

Besides books, I am working on a few things. I am still writing my short story, which is turning into a long story, that nobody will ever read. Also, I am about halfway through this online class I have been taking. It has been kind of slow going, but I have many irons in the fire man. I will complete it and be better for it though. We also have baseball and softball every weekend for the next 7 weekends, and practices, and cereal for dinner, and very good music, and quiet time in my room, and nights under the stars, and no social media. I am just still working on me, trying to find my version of happy, staying busy, busy, busy. I think I will read another Vonnegut after these two books. I want to take a minute also to say thank you for those of you who come here to read my random shit. I got a notification from Weebly that my readership had risen to 150 returning visitors a week. I always have new visitors, but those have mainly been from random bots and click bait crap and people that are bored maybe, so I appreciate those of you that come here every week to see what I have to say, and really read this stuff. Maybe that means there are 150 people who are just as weird as me. I sure hope so. I only know about 4 of you personally, but I like it that way. Thank you for the kind emails, they really do mean a lot to me when I read them. I’ll be back Saturday to rave about the Tyler Childers concert I am going to Friday night. In the meantime, check out his music on my YouTube playlist(the second tab at the top of this page). Also, go buy his music, you won’t regret it.

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