6/10/2018 Palmetto Bugs and Palm Trees

Guys, I have neglected my blogging duties again, but with good reason. I have been in Florida with family for the week. I was really not looking forward to this trip, mainly because of the drive and over stimulation, but honestly, I feel like someone finally hit the reset button on my life.  

Right at this very moment, I am sitting on the dock behind our rental house, writing this little post. There were 14 people in the house earlier, and everyone just left. I usually don’t stick around when there are so many people because of overstimulation and fear of small talk, but I only get to see these guys every two years, and I forgot how much I miss seeing them. It almost makes me want to move back here, but then there’s the heat, and the bugs, and the alligators, and then just NO. I do not enjoy the water and the sunshine like most Floridians, because of Sharks and jellyfish and stuff. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know I am a former Floridian, turned Kentuckian. This place has its perks, like the beach at night, the moon on the water, and of course my family, but I love my home in Kentucky. There are mountains there, that hide you from the world.

The drive down here is around 15 hours, and it was ridiculous with 2 kids. I will not go further into that topic; most people have been through this hell and they know. Anyhow, on our way in, we stopped in Georgia to get some boiled peanuts (which I am obsessed with), and saw some cute turtles. I met a fellow Jordan Peterson Lobster (because of my JBP t-shirt), which turned into a wonderful 15-minute gas station conversation over JBP and the Monk debate. How can one say, with full confidence, that they had some soul cleansing, intelligent conversation with some random guy in a BP in Georgia? Well I did, and it was wonderful. 

​As soon as we got to this rental the sun was going down and man I just can’t spend enough time under the sky. I would have slept outside the entire time I have been here, if it weren’t for the wildlife. The kids went fishing and we had amateur astronomy lessons. There is little to no light pollution in the Cape. It’s a very private area were we stay, and it makes for some dreamy stargazing.

The big highlight of my trip was going to visit Sheila! Her and old Doug are hanging out down here in the sunshine state for his current work assignment, and you cannot imagine my anticipation in planning our visit! It all worked out very well, especially considering we got through a full read of her first draft. I got up close and personal with a nosey raccoon at her cabin, got some quality time with Segar, their cat, as well as some peaceful time at her Boathouse, just talking and enjoying our time. I miss Sheila really bad. In this life, if we get male and female soulmate, then I am pretty sure Sheila is my female soulmate. She is my best friend. She isn’t arrogant, she is intelligent, and she understands me. Did I mention I miss her?   

​As far as current reading this week and a book review, all I have read is Sheila’s book, a little bit of Robert Frost, and I have gotten lost in a ton of twitter threads and Reddit posts. I cannot review Sheila’s book here just yet, but I sure wish I could. I would write so eloquently, that you would be moved to run straight out and buy this book. One day soon friends. I am off here to enjoy the stars until I get sleepy.  I am so happy.

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