5/6/2018 Tree-Cat-Snake-Birds In Chicago

Yesterday was Jordan Peterson day for me. It was amazing man, simply amazing. I drove up to Chicago and saw his talk at The Chicago Theatre. The driving part, not so much fun, but the rest of my Saturday was fantastic.

I bought these tickets thinking that Sheila and I would be able to go, as she was in Boston on her hubbys last assignment at the time, but alas, they ended up in Florida, so it was a no go for her. So, since I really don’t have any other friends that are into JBP, that could go with me, I was fully prepared to make the trip up alone. But, then I thought of trusty old Lindsay. She is down for anything man. If the wheels roll, she will go. I knew she wasn’t into JBP, but she would be down for the trip anyhow. One text was all it took, she didn’t even ask any questions lol! I love that kid.

Anyhow, we took off around 10:30 and the drive up was dry as hell, not literally because it was raining, but dry as in NOTHING to look at. We jammed out though and that was refreshing. The majority of the ride is through Indiana, and they don’t have shit up there to look at; farms, farms, farms, wind turbines, farms, strange communist billboards (still not over that one BTW), and more farms. Once you get past those farms in Indy though, it gets better. SOOOOO much better.

We finally found civilization, and I don’t know why, but I thought of the Kurt Vonnegut Mural that I posted a while back. Y'all know I love me some Kurt, just like JBP. I was thinking if we were in close proximity of it, maybe we could drive by, and hot damn, we were like 10 minutes from the Indianapolis exit to get there. I got a selfie with the mural and drove by the museum. Didn’t get to stop though, too pressed for time. That was a happy accident though, so happy!

They also have lots of trains and toll booths in Illinois. We had to stop four times and pay, and those roads are still shitty. Taxation is Theft! That was about all we saw, except a few really cool bridges, until we got into Chicago. Then begins the fresh hell of Chicago traffic. And I MEAN fresh hell! I have driven a lot of places, Michigan, Florida, Atlanta, Ireland, and plenty of other really crapping rides, but nothing prepared me for this, this mess, of Chicago traffic. I can see why they have public transit now. No way in hell would I drive a car there, if I lived there, which I NEVER WOULD.

After 27 panic attacks from Lindsay, and 10 shrill screams from me, we finally found a damn parking garage. Christ, that was a mess too. Nobody knows how to park in those things in Kentucky and it sure didn’t get any better in Chicago. Anyhow, once we got out of the creepy elevator, and onto the street, it was great. That is until we tried to Uber to The Bean (big shiny bean in the middle of the town square that Lindsay wanted to see). We Uber’d twice and the car still didn’t find us. Canceled both Uber’s. Screw Uber. Some nice fella in a taxi stopped and picked us up though, another happy accident. He took us straight there and then told us how to walk to the Theatre.

We got to that Bean, and it was HUGE and shiny. We selfie’d with it and a few trees, you know like girls do, then made our way to the theatre. We grabbed a bite to eat at the Potbelly sandwich shop first. Try the mushroom skinny if you go, damn it was good. After that, we walked back over to the theatre and made our way through the line backed up FOREVER by the entrance. I was watching Lindsay like a hawk, like someone would kidnap my kid or something (she is not my kid). When we got inside it was beautiful and old, and fabulous, except for having to wait at the door for 30 minutes to go to our seats. When we finally did get in, the theatre was stunning. I won’t describe it, just look at the pictures.

By the time the 3,200 lobsters got to their seats, that place was packed up tight! It gave me goosebumps to know that, that many freethinkers were in a room together to share a night with JBP. Some dude behind made a remark that he was surprised there were so many woman present, I didn’t understand that comment, but whatever. That was the only weird negative about the show itself I think.

Dave Rubin took the stage and did a great introduction for JBP. He even roasted poor old Cathy Newman while Jordan wrestled a lobster backstage. When the top lobster finally took the stage, I think that’s the happiest I have been in a little while, for real. It felt good to be in that room.

He talked about Rule 7, and Maps of Meaning, Harry Potter, Tree cat snake birds (animal representation of the dragon or serpent/Satan in The Garden), but he also made more broad statements about working on yourself in general, which is why I love him. He can go from one thing to another and not miss a beat. He pulls straight up factual data from his brain, that wasn’t even planned and makes whole new talking points. He is cerebrally stimulating. For instance, he was talking about dopamine receptors and drug use, and said the word cocaine. He immediately started telling us about clinical trials where rats where isolated and given cocaine. The rats also had a button to push to trigger the cocaine injection. They eventually starved themselves to death because all they wanted was the high from the cocaine, much like humans with drug problems. They starve all aspects of their lives to feed their addiction. This was very relevant. I thought it was so fascinating. I love intelligent men, and maybe he is “the mountain” to me, or close to the mountain. He did look really tired though, and it makes me worry a bit.

Anyhow, the talk was wonderful and he told us about the Shapiro YouTube episode that came out today, with him as the interviewee, and you should have a listen to that too. It was great mmmhmmmm (poking fun at Ben Shapiro’s chronic use of mmhhmmm during the interview).

When we left the show we made a detour to find a cupcake ATM, which ended up not even existing *eye roll* I wanted a damn cupcake. It took us an hour to get out of downtown Chicago, an hour. We finally got to the damn main highway and traffic was still jacked up. I will never go back man.

I drove us home, while Lindsay slept (that hussie). I don’t know how I did it, but I got us home at 8am. I am not in my 20’s anymore, that is for sure. But for JBP, I think I would do it all again. It was lovely.

I’m gonna read this Jung and troll twitter. This lobster is out.