5/30/2018 There Are No Poptarts Here

​A few things tonight. First off, I would love a poptart, and I have none. I would also love some cookie dough, but I have none of that either. I hope with all hope, that there are strawberry poptarts in the vending area at work tomorrow. This will suffice for things that I am lacking for now. For now......

The most important thing right now though is Sheila’s book. We are rounding the corner to the home stretch, for real. She has a COMPLETE rough draft, which is a feat in itself. Who all reading this today can say that they have written over 70,000 words, and put it all together to form a big old book that is wonderful and lovely and makes sense? Not many, maybe none of you. I have had the privilege of editing this jewel from day one, or maybe it’s not editing. Maybe it’s just reading and helping, or maybe it’s just being a part of it that’s so wonderful. I don’t know, but I am so proud of this book for her. This thing has been in her brain for so long, maybe since our trip to Ireland, and now it’s all out there on paper. Well, not yet, but it will be as soon as we get through the task of second, third, fourth, fifth drafts, or however many it takes to make it publishing ready.

HP Lovecraft said, “All attempts at gaining literary polish must begin with judicious reading”, I believe it too. I am a careful reader, an emotional reader, and as Nabokov says, “an artistic rereader”. I feel like every book I read is an intellectual indulgence, of the highest level, even that predictable YA stuff. If you are a good reader, then you are a rereader of all genres. Sheila’s book though, is so broad that I cannot place it in a specific genre. Its Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Mystery, and a Thriller; is eclectic and I love it. I cannot wait for the Beta reading to begin on this. More to come later on that.

While finishing up edits to Sheila’s book, I also read these three poetry chap books this week. They are wonderful little books, written by some very talented writers. They were The Absence of the Sun, Caged Wildflower, and I Hope This Reaches Her In Time. All three books made for some very emotional reading. If you want a quick little read, and want to support new authors, these are good books to buy, and the covers are so gorgeous too. I always seem to turn back to poetry. I think it’s because of the raw emotional feeling that poetry conveys. Is that poetry or nonfictional prose? I always get confused there. Anyhow, sometimes you need that when you have been so deeply engrossed in something so fictional. I ended up buying these because they are written by women. This, by no means, has anything to do with a feminist agenda; it’s just that I tend to read more poetry by men. I grew up on Whitman and Frost. I am deeply influenced by men, and I am still not sure why that is. I do not have daddy issues, but maybe it has something to do with gender and social influence, and that men more often than not occupy a higher status in a working role, and I am attracted to that intelligence and dominant power that comes with those roles. So, I tend to lean more towards men’s work over women’s. Cue all the angry feminist emailing me now. Please don’t. Us ladies, we are naturally submissive in so many ways, whether we care to admit it or not. It’s really quite interesting if you think about it.

Little bit of truth maybe

​This shoots me right into the book I am reading right now, The Moral Animal. I started this book a while back, maybe six months ago, but wanted to wait on it, as it is a read that requires some extra commitment. I really wanted to get through some of this fictional stuff first that I had bought, then work my way into evolutionary psychology. Oh, I know, this sounds boring as hell, but wait, it’s not. Don’t you ever wonder why you do the things you do, or think the things you think, and feel like you don’t have any control over certain aspects of your being? Well, this book tells you why you are the way you are. Its thick, and meaty, and takes concentration. I look at it in the evenings, mainly because I would lose myself in it, if I tried to read it at work. I am on chapter 3 right now, “Men and Women”. This whole chapter revolves around monogamy, pair bonding, and promiscuity in both sexes; what makes us tick and why we may do the things we do in regards to life/sexual partners, due to our genetic makeup.

One thing that made me come back to this book was the whole controversy around Jordan Peterson and his “forced monogamy” comments. I was taken aback when I first read his interview where he talks about the Incel population today, and how forced monogamy would cure them, but I try to be open minded about everything. He has gone on in many of his recent talks to explain what he meant by this message, and wrote a blog post about it where he clarified that he was simply stating that according to evolutionary psychology, “socially-enforced monogamous conventions decrease male violence. In addition, (and not trivially) they also help provide mothers with comparatively reliable male partners, and increase the probability that stable, father-intact homes will exist for children.” I still don’t know exactly how I feel about it, but at least I know that he wasn’t saying, chain every female to one male whether she wants him or not, simply to reduce violence. That’s a personal choice man, that deals with self-control, and motivation, and anger. Gotta work on that yourself. There is no amount of sex that can dispel the type of anger and sickness that causes a man to run his truck through a block full of women, simply because one of them wouldn’t have sex with him. That is not the answer. Anyhow, this book is interesting to me, so I will keep reading it and gain some more useless knowledge. I am still a 10 when Jeopardy comes on so, have to keep those synapses firing.

Have you listened to my YouTube playlist yet, on the second tab? Someone emailed me and asked me to put some new stuff on there. LOL. I am sorry, I am a sucker for the same old thing sometimes, in life and everything else too really. I guess I still haven't found what I'm looking for. But, I did put some new stuff on there for you "Jane Doe", whoever you are. Listen to Tyler Childers since we are going there now. Go get some.

On another note, my daughter graduates 5th grade, and my son graduates 3rd grade tomorow morning. How am I this old? I am feeling a little old.

I'm gonna listen to another Podcast and got to bed. ​GN now.