5/26/2018 Skylines, Bourbon, and Tequila

​Jesus, I just read back through my last blog post, and that was totally deep. It was funny too though; me giving the interwebs life advice, when mine is actually just as much of a mess as anyone else’s. That’s the way it goes though. People still chose to confide in you if they know you will listen, and they know they can trust you, if you will be their secret keeper. They still want to tell you what is wrong with them, and hear your advice, even when you both know, that they will do exactly what they want to do in the end. It is part of human nature and free will I think, and also the need to feel connected to someone who can relate to us. Please know though, that I by no means have it together, and I do not want to get it together right now, but I am the secret keeper. ​

I have read two books since my last blog post. I finished Everything Everything, then I read a more serious Ayn Rand book. I started Everything Everything before I left for Dearborn. I literally did not stop reading it from the time I got to the airport until I got off the plane. It was a good book, and I enjoyed reading it, but I did not “Love” it. It was as YA as they get. The characters are very likable. Maddy and Olly are fascinating enough to make you continue reading, but God it was instalove. I have read a lot of YA recently, and it’s a pattern in these books. I wish I could understand that viewpoint in writing. Maybe it’s the appeal to that group of readers, but I think this is what makes the younger generation more delusional. Life is not like what happens in these books kiddos, or in the movies, it’s just not. That type of emotion and relation you read about or watch on TV, it takes time to build that; it does not happen in weeks. And you do not run off to Hawaii and live happily ever after. There is the hard stuff, like house payment, kids, jobs, who’s cooking dinner, and who takes who to the dentist this month. There are all kinds of other complicated things that happen, that I won’t go into here. This is not the place.

​I’m not saying the book was badly written, I am just saying that it all happened way too fast, and it was so very unrealistic, as most YA books are. Before the twist in the end though, I thought it would have been another John Greene type of ending, but the author avoided that. The ending kind of pissed me off, but that only means I cared about it. Anytime you get mad about something, anything; it means you cared about it, and that’s okay. It is important to care about things, so there you go.

​The second book was Return of the Primitive by Ayn Rand. I am actually a little bit depressed about finishing this book because it’s the last one I have of hers, and I really enjoy her writing. I really love Atlas Shrugged too, so maybe I’ll read it again soon. The thing about Ayn Rand, is I feel like she really understood the importance of individualism, ideas, and philosophy. She knew that when we replace logical thinking with our tainted world views, that there are terrible consequences. In this book, she utilizes her essays to criticize the “New Left” movement of the late sixties that targeted the industrial revolution. You can certainly compare a lot of the work in this book to today’s society and political environment.

Yeah yeah, I bet some of you are yawning now, but this is some serious shit. I wish more people would pull their heads out of the clouds and read something serious, instead of a funny tweet, or a meme about getting drunk, or some stupid “share if you love Jesus” picture (I still hate Facebook and still never going back, pass it on). Really though, she was a serious thinker. I would give anything to have had half her intellect and foresight. By the end of the book, she referenced back to a quote from Atlas Shrugged and even stated that she regretted it being so prophetic to the times. She talks on radical environmentalism, education and trends that influence education and how it has in turn created suffering in society. One thing I really loved around her education views, are that she pointed out the challenges in education back then (and now in my not so important opinion), led to a decrease in independent thought in learning children. This is so important, because if we own anything at all about ourselves, it is our own thoughts. It is so vital to maintain the ability to think for yourself, which is what we should really be teaching our kids. Overall, it was a good book of essays and was a good serious read for me, after Everything Everything, which is what I needed. I can’t read that sappy stuff and maintain composure for long. I have to have something to bring me back down to earth.

​Work is crazy right now, but if there is one thing that I love about my work, it’s that I have been able to see different places because of it. For 90% of my work life, I am chained to a cubicle. But sometimes, if I am lucky, they let me go someplace, and I am so happy. I’ll never get sick of traveling anywhere. I don’t care how many times I have been to any place, or what I am there doing; it is the freest I will ever feel and that’s a damn good feeling. I went to Texas last year and it was hotter than hell down there. I walked around in a 110-degree warehouse for two days, for work. But after that torture, they swept me up and took me to a place where I heard an old man sing a love song in Spanish, they gave me expensive tequila, and I saw the sunset and moonrise all in one frame. It was beautiful and wonderful and man, that was one of my top highs in this life. I will never forget that sky and how it made me feel. I will be in North Carolina in a couple weeks for work. It will only be for a couple of days, but I am hoping real big, that I get to see something wonderful while I am there.

Here are a few pics here from my trip to Michigan last week. I stayed in Dearborn for work, but we went to downtown Detroit for shopping and food. There are some really cool old buildings there, and I love all the old smoke stacks and architecture in the skyline. I had a fantastic hard apple cider at HopCat, and a BLT to die for. If you go, get the nacho bar for an appetizer.

​I am off here to go to the baseball field today, and then off to be my friends’ emotional support person while she tries to get over an ex at a bar tonight. I am planning to drink bourbon and people watch, and try not to do anything stupid.

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