5/2/2018 Shooting Stars In Your Eyes

I've been getting lazy. It's been a week since I posted here. One reason I didn't post is because I am still reading this All The Bright Places book, and I have been an emotional train wreck while reading it. I don't really know how I will blog about it when I finish. It seems to hit close to home on many different levels. So, much like Turtles All The Way Down, it will take me a bit to recover I think. I am almost to the end.....and I am doodling in the pages again...I will not be able to let anyone borrow this book. It's all marked up.​

I actually read two chapters last night and then ended up outside stargazing. I live on 10 acres and the light pollution is not that horrible here at all, so meteor showers and starry nights are a dream. Maybe that's why I have stayed here so long, because the darkness during the daylight hours is worth the light in the night sky (that was too deep for hump day y'all). I spend a lot of time outside at night. I usually lay in my field on a blanket, and look up, if the sky is clear enough. Can't do that if you live in a subdivision guys, come on over.

The Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower is peaking right now, and last night I lay in the grass for an hour hoping to see at least one. There is a mountain behind my property, and just as the moon was about to pop up over the top, a sweet little meteor made its way across the sky, heading right above Jupiter. I have tried for five years to get a meteor on camera, and I think last night was the happiest I have been in a very long time. There is something just so memorizing about the night sky, and the planets, and the stars, and wishing on a flying fiery space rock.

I am never bored, or feel alone when I am outside looking up. It was a wonderful thing to see. I hope you get to look up sometimes. 

*Moonrise, Jupiter, and an Eta Aquarid Meteor 05/01/2018*

I am posting the link to this months Jordan Peterson Patreon YouTube Q&A. I really enjoy all of Jordan's videos, but I love listening to these. They are live, and you get to really see his intellect on full display. To be able to pull an answer, any answer, from one of the billions of synapses in your brain on demand like that. Man, that is what I call amazing, wonderful, exciting, dreamy. I am not ashamed to say that this is my "thing".

This one video though, is a prime example of why I love listening to him. At the 1:31:50 mark, a patreon asks him about suicide. His emotional reaction left me internally shaken. I have said before how I feel about passionate men. It is a weakness of mine I think, intelligent, passionate men. Not many men I know seem to be passionate about much of anything. Maybe their favorite craft beer, the newest gadget, or a shiny new car; but those things don't impress me at all. When a man truly feels passionate about something, and I don't care if I agree with them or not; if he is confident enough in what he is talking about to generate that type of emotional response, then by-god you have my attention. Just please talk to me about more than your breakfast, your sneakers, or your apple watch! Give me some stimulation.

Jordan Peterson is stimulating. It's not the fact that he cries in the video, because he has gotten emotional and cried while speaking many times. It is that he is speaking straight from a temporal and a cerebral place; full of emotion, as well as intelligence. You will not meet or hear many men, or people in general, speak in that manner. Give the video a go. Learn something.

​I am going to head outside for a bit and catch a few more chapters before I go to bed. 


April 2018 JBP Video