4/26/2018 Midnight And Stars

I was going to write this big huge thing about Nearer The Moon, simply because I finished it, and because I love Anais Nin. But, I started reading this other book, Good Morning Midnight, instead. I loved Nins diary, but this book, it was wonderful and I could not put it down. I literally just finished it and had to write this. I haven’t read anything by Lily Dalton before, but man I am so glad I bought this book. I actually put it back down a couple times at the bookstore, but the cover was compelling. It has a gorgeous image of the milky way on it. It’s a dark scene with the glow of tent light in the middle of nowhere it seems; I thought it was stunning.

The book consists of two main characters, Augustine and Scully. Augustine is a self-abandoned 78-year-old man at the North Pole, maybe the last man on earth. Scully is a one of five members of a long term space mission that is making its way back to earth after a yearlong trip. She is a communications specialist aboard this spacecraft. As they approach earth though, they realize they have no contact with mission control. That’s because mission control doesn’t exist anymore. We don’t think it does at least. Anyhow, it is interesting how the two characters intertwine, and you don’t even realize it… I was floored during the last two chapters. I enjoyed Scully’s character. She was a loner, very intelligent and driven. She didn’t relate to very many people at all, and she liked it that way, which is why she chose space as an ambition. She was a very strong female in the book. Augustine was more of a puzzle, a way for the author to keep you thinking and wondering how the two would actually connect. It is so interesting how she does it. I hope I can write that way one day; a girl can dream. Lily Dalton leaves you wanting more, but maybe not. Maybe you just make it up for yourself, and close the book. That’s what I did, I made it up. It’s not a cliffhanger at all, it’s just an ending that doesn’t end. I loved it so much. You should totally read this.

​I am tired. These 4am gym visits and late nights are catching up to me. The skies have not been clear enough to stargaze and I am miserable. This is one of my favorite late night pastimes, and I feel lost when I can’t look up and see the constellations. I am running thin on patience for the opposite sex, I am sleepy, work is stressful, and I am hungry.

​GN peeps.

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