4/22/2018 Nin-Ism

Hey kids, guess what, I am still reading Nearer The Moon, but it’s a diary, so it takes a while. I can’t say much about it here because, well this blog is supposed to stay PG-13 (or a little heavier). So….I may not be able to say much at all actually. It’s definitely not a book for everyone.

Anais Nin was an underground author for a long time. She didn’t receive a lot of attention from mainstream press back then, mainly because her writing content consisted of some really racy and controversial subject matter. But listen, books are art, and art is not supposed to make us comfortable folks. You are supposed to feel something different when you look at art. Every writer is an artist, pouring their own blood and guts into their work; offering it up to you, the reader, so that you may interpret its meaning how you see fit. Anais Nin offers us transcendent devices of awakening in the books that she has furnished us. I have been reading her diaries for a while, on and off, and I would definitely “label” them in the awakening category. What kind of awakening you have is really up to you when you read them. Like I said, they aren’t for everyone, and I like “different” things.

On a non-book related note, life has been fabulous around here. This Kentucky weather is so damn weird. I will say it until the day I die, it’s like we live on another planet here man. I have had the pleasure of traveling with work and in my personal life to different places, and I don’t think I have even been to a place that can go all four seasons in one damn week. Kentucky can, yes she can. I went back to Glover’s Bookery this weekend too, and got a few more to add to my stacks. I found some wonderful poetry books and also a great old book about making beer. I am not going to be making beer, as I obviously have enough irons in the fire most days, but I loved the look of it, and it smelled like heaven. If you want to impress me, I don’t require diamonds, give me a bit of poetry and an old book. That’s all you gotta do man.

Look, I am writing again, which if you have read my blog back from the beginning, you would know that this was one of my “goals” for 2018. I didn’t make resolutions this year like the rest of you basics. I said I was going to write more, be more careful, and drink more water. I have to say, that I have been doing pretty damn well at all three so far ;) I am working on a short story, but it's for me. I actually have about three unfinished books, that are just for me. Maybe one day, but this new ones got me feeling eeeeeekkkkk, so here goes. These are excerpts from different parts of the book.

A Game: “It’s like Limbo. You lean in too high, you push the bar off and lose. You lean too low, you fall and you lose. You have to hit that sweet spot in order to win, between high and low. Now what your definition of winning is, may be different than mine, but I don’t have to win the prize, to feel like I have won the game. It’s just a very delicate place to land, right in-between. I like it in-between.”

A Synonym for Paradox: “I wonder what it would be like to be free, to not have obligations and responsibility, to be able to chase your dreams, and do what you think is important. I wonder how it would feel to sit down talk to someone at the kitchen table over dinner, who actually gave a damn about what you were saying? I wonder what it would be like to lay in the grass at night, and look at the sky with someone who knew that the row of stars there in that line, is Orion’s Belt, which is part of Orion the Hunter, which you can follow to find Sirus, which is part of the Dog Stars. It's a wonderful thought.”

GN Nothingheads. Have a dreamy week.