4/19/2018 Blot Out The Moon

Blot out the moon, Pull down the stars. Love in the dark, for we’re the dark. So soon, so soon.

I have been reading Wild Sargasso Sea, and I finished it last night. Some people would argue that reading Jane Eyre first, is necessary in order to understand this book, but I disagree. If you have read Bronte’, then it definitely helps put a different perspective on the books content, but I think that Wild Sargasso Sea makes its own rich history, and has its own unique story to tell. It does not need to stand in the shadows of Jane.

The book is split into three parts. Part One was read from young Antoinette’s view, and you get to understand her childhood, somewhat, and how her mother came to madness, and how she grew into a different type of young woman. Part Two is her now husband Mr. Rochester’s, perspective and story; it is dark and chilling and I loved it so much. We see him enter into a marriage of convenience with Antoinette, and it slowly drives her mad, knowing he doesn’t love her and that he has slept with the servant girl. He does some weird stuff, gives her a new name (Bertha), she does some even weirder stuff, tries to get a voodoo woman to make a love potion (what!?!), and then we enter into Part Three. This is Antoinette’s POV when she is older and still crazy; like set the house on fire crazy. This is the part that if you had read Jane Eyre, you would kind of get it before you get to the end of the book. But, you don’t need to, its creepy and telling enough. BTW Bertha is a mysterious character from Jane Eyre.

​The book was thought provoking, lush, and weirdly sensual; I loved it.

I am starting another Anais Nin book, Nearer The Moon, and I am super stoked. The last one I read (a while back) was Henry and June, and it was fantastic. Nin’s fascination with Henry Miller and his wife June, was just crazy to read about. These diaries aren’t smut material, they are just the serious thoughts of a passionate, intellectual woman. In the Henry and June portion of her diaries, she just happened to be passionate about a married man, and then his wife too (in an effort to make him happy I think). It’s all very odd, interesting, and dramatic. I picked this up a couple of weeks ago at that little bookshop, Unique Books. It’s used, and I got it for a cool 7 bucks. Pretty damn wonderful.

It’s getting dark here now, so I’m off to go stare at the stars awhile, and then read a bit. GN.