3/28/2018 First And Last

I finished that little Vonnegut, We Are What We Pretend To Be, and it was pretty good. It was Kurt's first and last works. I really enjoyed the first novella, Basic Training. It was when Kurt was green to writing, and it was much softer that his later writing. Haley and Hope's story is a short illustration that Vonnegut was on his way to becoming a wonderful writer. He made Bangheart a character that you wanted to love, but you won't love, and the General into a character you don't think you will love, but you have to love. He tricks us. I thought it was a perfect little story, and a nice break from the longer books I have been reading.  

I cannot believe I am writing this, but I did not like the second novella in this book, at all, mainly because it felt so rushed and incomplete. Gil Berman's character was more than odd; he was an angry man, and there was none of Kurt's expected satirical humor here, or the softness from the first story. It is very obvious that this was written towards the end of Vonnegut's life, as it is so morose, and the characters are very grumpy. I think he was reflecting in his work a lot. I have read that he was very depressed towards the end of his life, and from reading everything that I have about his life, I can understand the depression. His marriages didn't work, his family was mostly broken, and the war made him a damaged man. What a shame. 

I have spent this work week so far in music, ruminating on whatever random thing plays. I've been listening to Dizzy (who is great by the way, "Pretty Thing" and "Stars and Moon" are my favorites) and this new Kacey Musgraves album (Slow Burn, Butterflies, and Lonely Weekend are my favorites). My friend sent me the NPR link and I listened to it all yesterday morning, it was great. My taste in music is like my taste in books, eclectic. I have a link to a YouTube playlist on the second tab. There are some great artists there too. Hit shuffle and fall in love with some singer-songwriters. 

This is a short week at work, because we are off this Friday for Holiday, Good Friday. At my last job, it was not considered a Holiday. I am confused by this. What constitutes a Holiday in the eyes of Big Brother? I also read a very puzzling - tweet -from Jordan Peterson yesterday morning about Easter, Good Friday, and the Holy Trinity. He tweeted about the ark of the covenant. I had assumed long ago, that he wasn't a religious man, but now I am not so sure. I wonder if he is just incorporating biblical values into his works, without the focus on religion itself. He looks at God as the highest aim, the mountain to climb. I wonder if he knows why sometimes Good Friday is a holiday, and sometimes it is not. I tweeted him back asking him if he believed in the Holy Trinity or was he making an analogy towards God, Christ, and the cross? I really am truly curious. I want to understand. I need someone to explain it to me.

I started this Ayn Rand book, We The Living, and so far its really great. She wrote it in 1934 and it was her first novel. The main character Kira, seems so goth and serious, and I already like her. She has thrown herself at this fella Leo who she met in an alley. She seems to almost immediately fall for him because of the hard lines of his face, and he has just mistaken her for a prostitute. That was as far as I got last night. Ayn Rand said in the forward, that this book was as close to a biography as she would ever get. I would have loved to have known her in real life if she was similar to Kira's character. Kira doesn't care, and let things bother her, unless they are of importance to her. That may sound selfish, but wouldn't the world be a much better place if we all just minded out own business? I think I could have been her friend. 

That's all today. If you have any ideas about this Good Friday business and holidays, let me know. I think I will ask HR.  :)

*Kira's first meeting with Leo. He thinks she is a prostitute and she let's him believe it. A girl just taking a walk late at night, and a man who seems like he would take control. This is going to be great.*