3/20/2018 Kurt Is Back

​I should probably be asleep right now, but instead I am up writing this blog post. Both my kiddos are staying at the grandparents tonight, since this menopausal Kentucky weather has struck again. Snow day tomorrow and probably the rest of the week too. My husband is also out of town working all week, so it is very quiet here in my room. I have been reading this new Vonnegut, “Hocus Pocus”, that I got at the little bookstore in Lexington on Saturday, Unique Books. It was a great little bookstore.

*The little mailbox thing with the racoon, is a free street library! Is that not the greatest thing you have ever seen!?*

My interpretation of Hocus Pocus so far is that it symbolizes deception. From what I have read, there are a lot of distortions and deceptions from reality in Debs Hartke’s day to day life. He was a Vietnam Veteran. He is adamant that is all his father’s fault too, sending him to WestPoint and all. He did not want to join the military. He turns into a college Professor then into a prison professor, weird I know, and then into a convict. Eugene is a teacher of the unteachable, how fantastic is that? He also is the father and husband of two very literally insane women in his life, but it's genetic, so he isn't to be blamed for marrying the poor woman and procreating with her. This is going to get interesting. He ends up being a convict due to masterminding a prison break.

​It is all very wild so far. I just love it. Vonnegut is using his classic satiric humor in this book, and it’s wonderful. He is always so thought provoking. I thought I needed to stop reading his stuff for a while, and I tried. I enjoy all fiction, but there is something about the way he forces us to reflect on our own assumptions and observations. He totally makes us reconsider our thoughts, and how we all deceive ourselves daily with the life we live versus the life we want to live. Or who we are and who we pretend to be (pretty good quote too). Anyhow, I am really enjoying it and I really love Kurt, and am thankful for being introduced to him so late in my reading life. Too bad I have been book blind all these years.

*The kitty down here, is a cat that someone at work won in a claw machine for me, and said, "I thought of you, so here you go". I don't know why I am this, but I was completely flattered.*

That’s enough for tonight. I’m off to REM sleep.