2/3/2018 January Is Over

Everyone, including me, went on a terrifying ride last month, that was “January 2018”. I don’t know if it was the two full moons, or just the lack of carbohydrates in everyone’s diet that made all of us crazy as hell, but I am damn well pleased with the fact that it is over. In fact, I am going to Costco today and purchasing a several large boxes of strawberry pop tarts to keep at my desk at work, in my car, in my bedside table, well you get the picture. “Emergency Pop Tarts” should totally be a thing. "Emergency Carbs" should be a thing. 

I actually went for a drive last night, and got some emergency pop tarts. There was this music show, and I broke my toe (no I did not mean for that to rhyme). I really did enjoy myself, outside of my house, which is something I don't do a lot anymore.  Call it seasonal depression, call it lack of hormones, but it was nice to get out and laugh. I did not laugh when I broke my toe, and I am even more upset that I am going to have to keep it bandaged up inside my shoe for weeks to come.  How uncomfortable is that going to be?!  After the show was over, I went out to the Shell Mart, got a pack of pop tarts, and felt much better. Carbs solve everything.

​I am quite certain though, that the FBI agent who monitors the webcam on my laptop is probably very happy that I finally left my house on a Friday night, and did something other than read and work.

Though I am a realist, I am choosing to stay optimistic that the remainder of 2018 is going to be so much better than January has been. Screw you January, and your two full moons that make kids crazy psychopaths, and adults cry and eat and eat and eat.

 I am still reading this Vonnegut, Welcome To The Monkey House.  I am half way through it now, and I have marked it up so badly that I will never be able to lend it out.  I am not ashamed though; it is my book. The Preface is just wonderful. Kurt Vonnegut is not boastful about himself at all as a writer, and I find so much elegance in his honestly. When you write, you become what you become. His creative range and sense of humor make this book a fantastic read.  Its full of some of his short stories, and the one I have enjoyed the most so far is the books’ namesake.

In the short story “Welcome To The Monkey House”, Vonnegut shows us some more of his dystopian humor.  He also blends it with some frighteningly realistic ideas of what the he thinks the future would be like.  His world is an overpopulated nightmare, and the only way the government sees fit to correct it, is to give its people a place to “quietly” commit suicide, and give them birth control pills.  You don’t take the pills; you get fined 10k. Sounds about like right now huh?  Anyhow, we meet Nancy, a Suicide Parlor Hostess (no I won’t elaborate folks), and a whole gang of Nothingheads. This noun, Nothinghead, is very interesting. The context he uses is interesting, referring to them as “bombed out of their skulls with sex madness” from not taking the government pills.  Now these said pills, aren’t meant to keep you from getting pregnant, they are simply meant to take the “feeling” out of sex, to make it suck.  That is literal folks, like from the waist down.  I definitely wouldn’t take those pills. 

Urban dictionary defines a Nothinghead as “a rebel with a heart; someone who goes against authority, doesn't follow the crowd, has their own mind, and/or does something wrong, but for a good and greater cause”. By definition, and by book, I guess I am a Nothinghead. Read this book. 

* I have also enjoyed "Tom Edison's Shaggy Dog" and "Long Walk To Forever" so far, so here's some random quotes I took pictures of. Yes I take pictures of them.*

Now I'm off to Costco to be an adult and buy bulk food items.  Happy Saturday.

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