1/10/2018 Puke Bags And Starstuff

Jesus, it's been a hell of a week already. I work in the apparel industry and I have yet to figure out how the hell I went from working in the medical field, to working in the apparel industry. Two totally different ends of the spectrum, but both have their challenges. Well, I know how it happened. I wanted to work closer to home and I wanted the hell out of the Medical field. Y'all think the government and McDonalds is hard work, try the medical field. Where the rules change hourly, some of the docs are really mean, and nobody gives a flying crap about your birthday.

The two industries could be moderately related though. Take for instance, in the Emergency Room; someone comes in with a big hole blown in their foot, because they were stupid enough to think that cleaning a gun without proper instruction, was a good idea (bet they wont do that again). You run around like a mad person, cleaning up the blood, checking their vital signs, holding the puke bag, because you know they are going to puke at some point, I mean they have a hole in their foot. Anyhow, after all that, the doctor somehow magically (not really), fixes them up, and you send them on their way with a souvenir puke bag and a bag full of pain meds for their troubles.

The apparel industry can sometimes be compared to a gunshot wound. The economy changes, people are broke, people are rich, people spend their money one month and the next they hoard that shit up and wear the same clothes they been wearing since there were nine years old. When people stop spending money, it's like a gunshot wound. When they decide to start spending money, it's like a gunshot wound. A bleeding, bloody, stupid gunshot wound, that nobody seems to know how to fix, of supply versus demand hell. We just keep patching that shit up and moving along, until it busts back open, and we all go crazy as hell in the process, because there is not "magical" way to fix it. I really want to sing “The Circle of Life” right now for some reason.

I think that was a totally morbid, but accurate description of how my week has been going, so there you go.

I just got finished with a re-read of Contact, by Carl Sagan. I try to do this every year, or every other year. It’s a hard first read, and it's one of those books that you just can't give to anyone to read. Contact has a way of making the universe and all of its possibilities, a religious experience. I think that was what Carl Sagan was doing here. One quote that was quite fitting from Chapter 9 was this, “Wonder is the basis of worship”-Thomas Carlyle 1833.

The message that Carl Sagan leaves with you is what is important. Just feeling some sort of amazement about something, makes life worth living; being passionate about something. Sometimes, you have to pull that passion right out of your chest in the morning, to even muster up the strength to walk out of the house. I am most passionate about things that should matter; family, books, music, art, the sky, science, and time. I really like that time thing, whether it’s all alone, or if it’s with the right people.

i am supposed to be finishing up editing a chapter for my friend and her wonderful book. I am not really an editor, just a wanna be. Anyhow, instead of doing that, I have sat here and written this blog post while my kiddo lays beside me, all puke-ish and stuff. Good old Kentucky stomach virus rolling around here. I’m going back to finish editing this chapter, because my friend is Irish and can be mean as hell if I don’t stay on a timeline.

​Thanks for wasting a few minutes here.