1/1/2018 Porg-Tastic

Listen, I don't care what anyone says, The Last Jedi was great, end of story.  

My daughter is a bit of a nerd, like her mother, so she wanted to spend New Years Eve watching The Last jedi in 3D.  It was fantastic.  It was porg-tastic.  Nothing, I repeat nothing, will ever out-do the porg scream with Chewy or Luke milking that weird animal and taking a lil' sip.  *cringe laugh*  

After the movie, her friends and I made it home just in time to watch the ball drop with Porgie and some killa glasses.  I am still not sure why my children have remained fascinated in this every year.  They both want to stay up and watch said ball drop, when I would prefer to sleep.  But, we do this because we love them.  It did earn me a kiss a midnight.  We all passed out in the family room with visions of Mariah Carey searching for her "hot tea" and Ryan Seacrest pretending to not be amused by it. 

I have spent the majority of this New Years Day cleaning, purging, rearranging, and reading.  I have tried to stay busy today, so as not to think about how I have to go back to work tomorrow.  How is it that you can dread something so terribly, and yet be so very happy about it too?  Such conflicting emotions. 

I am still trying to get through "The Pale King" by David Foster Wallace.  I have been going back and forth between my Audible version and book version today.  I will say this.  It is a long, methodical read, but it is some of the best writing I have seen in years,  David was a genius I think, which is probably what lead to his suicide.  

The main character keeps going back and forth from tax code to real life random facts, and the happenings around him.  One of my favorite lines from this book so far is "That what appears to be egoism, so often isn't".  Wallace is referring to his main character in the book, speaking in regards to how he really thought he could have loved this girl, but after meeting with her several times, and being so OCD and nervous, he blew it.  She thought him egotistical, because he didn't ask her questions about her.  But really, he was just so damn nervous, that he couldn't remember to talk to her about her, and her wonderful banjo, and her beautiful eyes.  I found this awfully sad, relevant, and so damn beautiful.

Anyhow, I'm going to finish these last three animal crackers and finish this chapter.  Off to bed.

Let me leave you with this relevant meme.  Credit to Finalizer on twitter!  LOL